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Protection and security of personal data:

Data protection

With the acquisition and elaboration of personal data concerning its clients, KristalLang Sagl  observes the regulations of the Swiss law concerning the protection of data.
To this purpose it takes all precautions to avoid that data concerning the execution of the contract are not made available to non authorized third parties.

Data prossesing

The client allows KristalLang Sagl  to use of his registration data for competition purposes and market research, consultancies and various advertisement purposes, on order to always be competitive and in line with the market requests.
KristalLang Sagl  may compare these data anonymously with information concerning third parties, create statistics about users and make them available to third parties.

Availability of personal data to third parties.

KristalLang Sagl  may send to third parties personal data only if this is necessary for the fulfillment of the contract. In this case these third parties may not transmit the personal data received from KristalLang Sagl  to others nor use them for their own purposes.

Terms and conditions of use


This information for customers and these terms and conditions apply to all orders via the web site www.Kristallang.com.

2.Contract formation

Your orders o the web site are binding offers to enter into corresponding contracts of purchase with Kristallang Sagl. Within 14 days of receipt, we are free to either accept such offers or reject them by sending a corresponding declaration to you. The binding contract of purchase for the ordered goods is not formed until we accept your order. This acceptance can be declared on the web site, by email, in writing or by sending the ordered goods

3. Performance condition for undeliverable goods

If the ordered goods cannot be delivered within 30 days of the day after your order, we can withdraw from the contract, even if we have provided confirmation of contract formation to you prior to this. In the event of withdrawal, we will inform you without delay of the unavailability and reimburse without delay the consideration you have already provided.

4. Price and additional expenses

The total price for your order including all ancillary and shipping expenses will be displayed at the end of the order process. We reserve the right to make price changes.

5. Payment, due date, delinquency

The goods will be paid by credit card. Unfortunately, it is not possible to pay by sending cash or checks. We disclaim liability in the event of loss. For payments by credit card, the charge will be posted after dispatch of the goods. The invoice amount can be correspondingly reduced in the event of any returns made.

6. Retention of title

The goods remain the property of Kristallang Sagl until payment in full has been made.

7. Delivery, delivery subject to availability

The ordered goods will be delivered by the delivery service we commission to the delivery address you specify. A requested delivery date is binding only if it was confirmed as such by Kristallang Sagl. We make deliveries as long as our inventory is sufficient.

8. Right of cancellation

As an online customer, you can cancel your order within two weeks of receipt of the goods without providing a reason. If this right is exercised in a timely manner, you will no longer be bound by your order. The notice of cancellation must be provided in writing or by sending the goods back to the address listed in the general terms and conditions. You will be obligated to return the goods in the event of cancellation. Shipping will be at the expense and risk of the customer. Return shipping must occur no later than 14 days after the declaration of cancellation. Unfortunately, it is not possible to replace or exchange your return. You must place a new online order. The price of the goods will be refunded to you for the return. If you are the recipient of a gift, the buyer will receive the refund automatically. Please always send the item complete with the original packaging to the following address:

Kristallang Sagl, Via Industria 3, CH - 6814 Lamone

The credit will be provided after the return is received. If the goods show signs of use or damage when returned, we reserve the right to assert claims for compensation.

9.Product warranty and guarantee

In the event of defects in manufacture or materials, Kristallang grants an international limited warranty for each product acquired, which covers defects in manufacture and materials for a period of two years after the date of purchase for normal use. For orders in the online shop, please always save the bill of sale as a warranty. The defective item should be directly send to the adress marked on point 8. When shipping by mail, you should send the items insured as certified mail, because Kristallang will not be liable for damage, loss or theft during shipment. Each product found defective within the scope of this warranty will either be repaired, to the extent a repair can be made and the necessary replacement parts are available, or exchanged, or replaced with a comparable product, at Kristallang’s discretion. In the event of a replacement, it cannot be guaranteed that the customer will receive the same product; he or she will receive a product of comparable value, however. The warranty does not apply to products that in Kristallang’s opinion have been subject to abuse, modification, attempted repair, carelessness, improper use or cleaning, or an accident. The warranty and the associated services are sole and exclusive. In no case will Kristallang be liable for any other losses that are caused by products from Kristallang. Claims for damages due to incorrect illustrations, text and prices or delayed delivery are precluded.

10. Liability

Kristallang Sagl shall only be liable to you for losses that are caused intentionally or through gross negligence. The foregoing limitation of liability applies to all claims for damages, regardless of the legal basis, including illegal acts; it does not apply to any liability pursuant to the Products Liability Act, due to a promised feature, or for injury to life and limb. The exclusion or limitation of liability for damages pursuant to the foregoing paragraphs also applies to any claims against employees or agents of Kristallang Sagl.

11. Assignment restriction

You may assign your contractual rights to third parties only with written approval from Kristallang Sag

12. Applicable law

The contracts formed under these general terms and conditions shall be subject to Swiss law exclusively to the exclusion of any reference to foreign law. Legal venue Lamone, Canton of Ticino.


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